• Padded and Flag Football-Sac and WLVA

    Deadline Aug 1, 2017-$20 Late fee
    Flag Football (shirt include)      or     Padded Football (Jersey not include)

    Grades: 2, 3, & 4                                   Grades: 5 & 6

    SCC Member: $25                              SCC Member: $35

    Non-Member: $35                              Non Member: $45

        Make checks payable to:  Sac City Summer Rec.

        (Pick up  Registration form at Sac Community Center)

  • Soccer

          Deadline to Register March 12017 –$20 Late fee

       Dear Parents & Participants:

        It’s almost soccer time again!  Practices will start in early April.  Games will be on Saturdays and begin about mid-April, running into May.  There will be                some overlap with the baseball/softball program.  Teams will be divided by school grade and include pre-school through high school.    Pre-schoolers will play        among themselves and will not be traveling or playing other towns.  We will be using the same shirts, so you can use yours from last year, get a hand-me-                down, or order new.  Shirts can be purchased for an additional $10.  Each child also needs to provide his own shin guards and soccer ball.  (Pre-school-4th               grades: ball size 4; 5th-12th grades: ball size 5).  Mouth guards are recommended, but not required..

         Registration Fees~
        Grades Pre-school-8     $25.00       Grades 9-12      $30.00

      (Sac Community Center Members – $10 discount = $15/$20)

      (Pick up  Registration form at Sac Community Center)

  • Softball,Baseball,T-ball

         Deadline to Register March 12017 –$20 Late fee
        Ages 5-14

      Registration Fee: $45 per participating child

     Registration forms due back by March 1st

     Sac Community Center Member discount- $10.00 off

     (Pick up  Registration form at Sac Community Center)

Have A Great Day!